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Need assistance around the house or in the garden? Has a DIY job got the better of you or maybe you just don't have time or tools to do the tasks you need to get done. We're here to help - give us a call on 07955-266930 to discuss your requirements. Alternatively click here to email us and we'll respond within 3 working days.


General DIY & Handyman

If you have a task you've been meaning to get to for a while or something you just don't have the tools to complete, we can help!


Woodwork & Carpentry

Our speciality! We have a large workshop where we can undertake the more complex tasks - ask for more information!

Blinds & Curtains

A new favourite for a lot of our customers. Fitting blinds & curtains can be fiddly and require some strength - leave it to us! It's a quick job when you have the tools!


Building Furniture

Whether it's a flatpack furniture set you need making up or some bespoke furniture you need made, or maybe even an Ikea hack - we can help!


Fitting Kitchens

Fitting a kitchen is no easy feat - if you need help getting your kitchen fitted or would like to update your current units let us know!


External Maintenance

Whether it's a bit of guttering, cleaning up the driveway, updating the paint job on your gates - we've got it covered!

Fencing, Gates & Sheds

Fence panels gone awry or the gate doesn't shut properly anymore? If you need a new one or would like something different we can help - we have suppliers in all areas to suit your needs!


Garden Maintenance

Whether it's a new lawn, a bed that needs clearing or a new stone path laid, we have all the tools and knowledge to help!

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